The Lones Group Inc vs The Real Estate Zebra

Denise Lones, self-proclaimed real estate marketing genius, filed a lawsuit against arguably the nicest guy in the real estate industry, Daniel “The Real Estate Zebra” Rothamel.

Lones, CEO of The Lones Group, Inc., is a throwback to the days when print marketing actually mattered. Rothamel is an agent in Virginia who has established himself online. The differences between these two is as stark as night and day, and its these differences that makes this stupid lawsuit appear even more ridiculous.

Lones is big on branding, but what she fails to understand is that in this day and age, a brand isnt created by a graphic designer and a printer. It is like respect, its earned.

Denise should be ashamed of herself for pursuing this course of action. There is no way Daniel has cost her any business at all. They have two dramatically different focuses on how business is done and people are treated.

To illustrate how little Denise actually understands about the practical aspects of branding, here is a list of what is being published online that is even now reshaping her own brand in a manner she never expected or wanted.

It started with Inman, but the fuel for the fire was Jay Thompson. The list is growing and I will update this as new articles are published.

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The Lones Group Responds Denise, we zebras call what you did here “hoof in mouth disease”. And trust me, it’s pretty damn difficult for a real zebra to do.

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